Expected Results

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Increase landfill infrastructure life span

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1,065 m³/year

of polluted water spill overs avoided


21,300 m³/year

of water available to natural courses to improve resilience to flooding


21,300 m³/year

of water available to decrease landfill temperature and improve resilience to spontaneous fires


21,300 m³/year

of freshwater consumption savings


116,702 tCO₂eq

saved per year


27,507 tonnes

of waste recovered per year


200 - 500K € / year

saved in landfill leachates external treatment costs

Other Project Results

Development of a detailed exploitation strategy including commercialisation roadmap and business plans

Development of a replicability and transferability plan to provide lessons learnt and guidance for waste actors and other infrastructure-related sectors

Development of multi-level governance analysis for the different waste sectors involved actors

Dissemination and communication strategy plan and materials

Networking and clustering to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with other relevant LIFE and R&D projects contributing to the uptake and replication of results and smoothing the project objectives achievement

Enhancing a co-creation and stakeholder´s participatory environment

Information and awareness raising to the general public and stakeholders to engage targeted audiences, and promoting the general benefits and advantages of LIFE GREEN ADAPT solutions

Development of specific vulnerability assessment tools for developing/adapting resilient waste infrastructures and presenting LIFE GREEN ADAPT benefits

Knowledge and lessons learnt transfer to key targeted stakeholders, smoothing project replication and results transfer