Green and Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change-Resilient Waste Infrastructure

LIFE GREEN ADAPT aims to increase the resilience of EU waste infrastructures against climate change. This will be achieved by demonstrating the potential of blue-green infrastructures (BGI) and ecosystem-based approaches to manage flush flooding and run-off caused by heavy rainfall and prevent fires and explosions caused by droughts and unusual heatwaves.

The project expects to have a range of results and impacts. Notably, bio-technosoils made of wastes from the landfill will be used to stabilise and recover soil by improving its structure and increase soil quality by regulating nutrient supply. New treatment wetlands (TW) will be engineered to address polluted landfill leachate and run-off, delivering water with a 95% reduction in heavy metals and a 99% reduction in ammonium and DBO5 compounds.  Finally, an industrial demonstration site will be used to validate the potential of the BGI and ecosystem-based approaches and verify their performance.

Timeline of Implementation

Expected Results

50% Increase

of Landfill Infrastructure Life Span

Increased Infrastructure Life Span by 50%

1,065m³ / year

of polluted water spill overs avoided

Polluted water spill overs avoided, increasing resilience to flooding

21,300m³ / year

of water available to natural watercourses

More water available to natural watercourses, improving resilience to droughts


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